Enhanced Due Diligence Services (EDDS)

We specialise in enhanced due diligence reports and investigations, providing background checks on any entity or individual, no matter where they are located globally. The information and insights go beyond the public record.

  • Detailed due diligence reports created by expert risk analysts with regional specific language capabilities and local market insights.
  • Detailed assessment of anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, and related reputational and integrity risks.
  • Concise reporting and analysis of allegations and concerns in terms of the local political and business context.
  • Multi-language searches against news archives, corporate and legal databases, social media, and industry and region-specific blogs, magazines and newsletters.


These specialised investigations services provide:

  • Fast turnaround between two to three days.
  • Legally obtained information with contacts vetted thoroughly.
  • Contacts including industry specialists, local and international investigators, financial and legal consultants.
  • Clear sourcing and descriptions of contacts, and analysis of contacts in terms of access to information and credibility.
  • Public information, and requests for public information from local registries.
  • Where required a “boots on the ground” approach